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Latest News:
  • Effective today, 16 August 2013, GDSAP can no longer lodge Occupancy Assessments, but lodgement through the Green Deal Improvement Package function remains. See further details below.

The GDSAP tool is free-to-use software developed by BRE on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The software allows:
  • Qualified Green Deal Advisors to create domestic Green Deal Advice Reports (GDARs) and view results online (but not lodge them on the central Green Deal Register for England & Wales and Scotland); and
  • Advisors or Providers to import any existing GDAR from the Registers and create alternative Green Deal Improvement Packages (GDIPs) for the customer.

Notice of forthcoming changes to the GDSAP service:
DECC wishes to announce that effective 5pm today, 16 August 2013 Green Deal Advisors are no longer able to use this tool (GDSAP) to lodge domestic Green Deal Advice Reports for England & Wales and Scotland. This does not affect the Green Deal Improvement Package lodgement function, which will continue to operate.

GDSAP was developed by BRE on behalf of DECC to ensure software was available for Advisors during the early stages of the Green Deal. The intention has been to withdraw the service once a sufficient number of commercial software products became available. With six commercial tools now in full operation, DECC believes the time is right for the GDSAP occupancy assessment service to be closed.

Remaining GDSAP users have now had a two month period to transition to alternative software. A list of approved software can be found here. Assessor Organisations may wish to speak to their certification bodies for advice.

Although the function for lodging Green Deal Advice Reports is to be withdrawn, the “Green Deal Improvement Package” (GDIP) functionality will remain in place. The GDIP function allows Green Deal Providers and Advisors to revisit lodged GDARs and make changes to the package of recommended measures without the need to carry out a full new occupancy assessment.

The functionality of GDSAP to undertake Occupancy Assessments for training and demonstration purposes (only) will still be available in the foreseeable future.

If you have any queries about this announcement, please contact your certification body in the first instance.

Software user guides
Step-by-step instructions for using GDSAP to create GDARs and GDIPs can be found in the Downloads section of this site (only accessible when logged-in).

Getting set-up on the Green Deal Registers
Advisors and Provider employees will not be able to use GDSAP without first registering their credentials with the Landmark Register for England & Wales and / or the Scottish Register. Please view the step-by-step guide for a detailed explanation of how to complete the registration processes.

Note that your Landmark/Scottish Register credentials are not the same as your BRE GDSAP user name and password.

Successfully lodged Domestic Green Deal Advice Reports can be retrieved from the Green Deal Register at: www.gdregister.com/public/oa/lodgementretrieval.

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